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Similarily to the Iraq invasion. Upon learning about the possibility of Iraq’s nuclear weapon stockpile, the United States warned Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to destroy the stockpile of biological and chemical weapons or they would be attacked. This ultimatum that was provided to the Iraqi government created tension in the international system. The United States as a strong nation provided Iraq with this ultimatum to intimidate them as the Athenians did to the Melians. Furthermore, the allegations that Iraq had nuclear weapons made each nation fear for their security and attempt to to what was in their nation’s interest. At the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the United States felt the need to attain power and retain their reputation as the worlds most powerful, similarily to the Athenians against the Melians.…show more content…
After the fall of the USSR, the United States enjoyed a period of dominance over the international arena. Furthermore, in order to live up to the dominance as a nation to instill order, it was neccesary for them to invade this “radical nation” that “had” nuclear weapons, although the UN investigations claimed otherwise. However, the United States does not have too much security interestes in Iraq. “President George W. Bush made his first controversial reference to Iraq as part of an "axis of evil." Further, Bush intimated that he would soon turn his foreign-policy attention toward Saddam's regime, which continued to "flaunt its hostility toward America," "support terror," and break its international agreements.” (). The United States stated that Iraq was to be held accountable and uphold international law. This became one of the valid reason to gain support from other nations for this invasion. Furthermore, this reason, the U.S felt that it was its responsiblity to maintain order in the international realm as the

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