Warren Pryor Poem Analysis

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Parents should allow their child to determine their own life decisions so they can be independent, happy and stress-free individuals in the future. As a child grows, they should be given the chance to make decisions for themselves. In the poem, ‘Warren Pryor’, Alden Nowlan says, “He said nothing hard and serious like a young bear inside his teller’s cage” (13-14). The bear in the cage must listen to what the teller wants it to do. Nowlan’s use of symbolism shows the child of the poem, Warren Pryor, is the ‘young bear’ and his parents are the ‘teller’. Warren’s parents had already determined what they deemed is necessary for him to do, consequently, he is now trapped in a cage without the ability to think for himself. This portrays that if parents constantly make decisions for their child, the child will ultimately be dependent on their…show more content…
This is shown in the poem, ‘Warren Pryor’, when Nowlan states, “His axe-hewn hands upon the paper bills aching with empty strength and throttled rage” (15-16). Warren is placed into a life where he is stuck to handle bills and all the time and strength that he once used on the farm has been put to waste as he is not satisfied with the outcome of his life. This corroborates that if parents interfere and control their child’s life, the child will end up being miserable and discontent. A child can come across complications in the future if not given the opportunity to go after what they desire. This can be seen from an individual I know. He was told to go to university for business by his parents and that has resulted in him not liking the field and dropping out. He is now going to another university for architecture as it is a field he always wanted to pursue as a child. Listening to his parents’ advice has unfortunately not only put him in debt of the first university but, he will also graduate later into the future due to a change in

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