Lessons Learned From Failure: High School Soccer Team

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Life can give you many lessons. I am convinced that most of the lessons you get is from failure. Failure is a horrible experience depending on what you do with it. You can either accept it or act against it. I have experienced failure many times. Once was when I started in my high school soccer team. I was the only freshman that year to join; all of my soccer friends said they weren’t ready to play at the high school level. I knew since the first day of practice that I had to make my mark. I gave my all, leaving sweat, tears and blood on the field. After two weeks of practice we had our first game and the junior varsity coach awarded me with being captain. I viewed the other team and they were bigger, more developed players. Despite being…show more content…
In our home tournament, which was the beginning of our season, I rolled my left ankle. I was not allowed to play for one weeks but I recovered in one. During the time I was out, my team was undefeated with five wins. The season went on and I received another injury in my right ankle. This time it was less severe and only missed one game. We finished the regular season with an amazing record of eighteen wins and one defeat. We went into district playoffs with high hopes. The games were unbelievable more difficult. We fought through each battle leading ourselves to victory. Every game was like a world war, there was pain, hope, and determination in each one of us. We reached the championship game, a dream that seemed almost impossible. The game started and we trailed by a goal by the end of the first half. We came into the second half fired up and ready to finish the game with a win. We scored in the first ten minutes and that motivated us to score a second time. We ended the game winning two to one. But it meant so much more than just that. It meant that we put the name of Reading on the record of winning a district championship for the first time ever. It was a record made and a point that anything is

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