Preschool Persuasive Essay

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All kids need to go to preschool. Benefits on kids going to preschool. going to preschool. Bad things happen when kids do not go to preschool. Statistics for kids that go to preschool, and a counterclaim that kids should not go to preschool. All together what happens when kids do or do not go to preschool. All kids should go to preschool, they will learn their alphabet,their social skills, and pre-reading skills; however parents spend way too much money. Benefits on kids that are going to preschool. Going to preschool will help your child have a desire to learn past preschool. Your child will also get help with self-confidence. Your child will have an easier time with social development. Your child will learn how to compromise, Be respectful to others, and problem solve. Preschool helps kids learn valuable life lessons. They learn how to share, take turns, and follow rules. Preschool helps kids get ready for kindergarten and beyond. They will learn how to identify their shapes,letters, and numbers. When kids do not go to preschool their lives could get all messed…show more content…
Preschool is an opportunity for growth. Kids build a foundation for learning in preschool that they will develop more in kindergarten. Preschool promotes social and emotional development. To be able to learn a child needs to feel cared for and secured with the teacher. Kids learn how to manage or deal with their anger or frustration. The preschool environment is structured. Structured environment helps the kids make friends and play well with others. Your child will get to make their own choices. Children learn to take care of themselves and others they also learn to listen. Preschool promotes language. Their words go from 900 to 2500. Preschool boost pre-math skills. They learn their alphabet and word sounds. They learn how to sort, match, and count. They develop motor skills. Their physical coordination improves. They learn how to run, jump, and

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