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The book “if i stay” is about how a tragic accident changed a girl's life. She had a brilliant future with her favorite instrument. She also had an amazing family and an amazing boyfriend. But later she had to decide to either leave it all behind or continue living without her family by her side. Just like Sacramento Bee commented, “If I Stay throbs with love and tragedy.” The main characters are Mia, Mom, Dad, Teddy, Kim and Adam. They are few differences between the movie and book. But although there are obvious differences, each is equally enjoyable. First in the book, Kim did not like Mia at all. She started calling her names and Mia hated her. But one day during Fall, Mia and Kim followed each other to the school’s playground and started fighting. It ended up in a tie, but from that day on they confessed some things and became friends. In the movie it only showed how Kim saw Adam looking at Mia playing her cello and after that Kim and Mia were just walking together through the hallway. It didn’t show how they became friends. I dislike how the movie didn’t show that Kim and Mia did fight. I feel like it would’ve show more about their friendship and it would show that Kim is part of her life and family too.…show more content…
This is what happened in the book, “What would you say if I said I had tickets to the master” Adam asked me.” … “Okay”, I said” “It wasn’t Adam making me nervous. I’d grown comfortable enough around him by now.” The movie showed how Adam just saw Mia one day playing her cello. Later that day Adam came up to her at her locker during school and asked her if she wanted to go to a concert with him. I’m okay with this change. It didn’t really matter to me, but I would’ve liked the movie to show that Adam wanted to get to know Mia

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