Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston: An Analysis

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The linear thought of a person narrows the effectiveness of its intended power and halts its own progression; instead rivaling its purpose of direction becoming explosive and stupefying. The amber left in the wake of a misguided and ruptured psyche turns to ash and distorts the mind that attempted to make something out of it. The distress begotten from the signals of anguish and mistreatment play a huge role in this impurity. To then clear the murky water one must find contentment in thought and solitude in life.This disillusionment is profoundly displayed in the actions and thoughts of Janie from the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. As one’s mind begins to drift in the disarray that is life it becomes harder and harder to tell what choices are their own and what are decided for them. They morph into a stream of consciousness that shatters any structure it had. Janie, weathered by hardships of life and love follows suit in her dulled distraught-ness. As a child she was subjected to feigned love and cruel manipulation. Descending from a lineage of battered woman it would only be fitting to say her inferiority complex was engulfed in her genotype.…show more content…
Her Nanny(grandma), a former slave, being taken advantage of by her master resulted in a unsettling chain effect. The deranged and shrouded nature of her nanny on the run for her life because of her affair with the master trickles its way into the minds and lives of her family. Janie experiences this first hand and because her Nanny could've love, or at least showed a vulgar and selfish expression of it, she too found herself devoid of that which she sought. Being preached to about false love, and stability Janie found herself conforming, and her views that were once innocent and ideal were muddy with the bitterness of an old
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