Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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In life there are indeed hunters and huntees. Typically, people think of cat and mouse, lion and gazelle, humans and bears, but they never think of human and human. Even if it is in your personal life or life in general, there is always some form of hunting going on around you. Everyday someone or something is being hunted, whether it is for good or evil. One example of hunters and huntees can be found in ‘The Most Dangerous Game’; Sanger Rainsford is being hunted by General Zaroff. General Zaroff feels as though he needs better, smarter prey to hunt in order to be satisfied with his results, since he has exhausted every possible way to hunt animals. This leads to your typical yet atypical game of cat and mouse, with Zaroff as the cat and toying with Rainsford who happens to be the mouse. By the end of the story, however, the roles have been reversed. Zaroff and Rainsford did have one thing in common and that was their love for hunting, yet when it came to hunting that’s also where the similarities ended. Rainsford preferred the traditional way of hunting animals, while Zaroff created his own game and rules by preying on lost and innocent humans.…show more content…
Some men like to go out and physically hunt for ‘the Perfect Woman’ or ‘the One’. Even if they’ve been turned down, they still continue to chase after the woman, some even go as far as literally hunting the woman or a group of women with a gun after being rejected. Take the Isla Vista shooting of 2014 as an example. College student Elliot Rodger shot and killed every person he could who he felt denied him of his rightful relationships and sexual experience, on May 23. He meticulously planned the massacre for almost a year in advance before carrying it out and killing 7 people, including himself, and injuring 14 more, all for his lack of
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