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Studying to become an operating department practitioner would give me great satisfaction knowing I would be part of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team focussing on the health and well-being of others. It would give me the opportunity to deliver the correct patient care on an individual basis prior to surgery, during and after as well as communicating to understand the needs of a patient. I understand that the role of an ODP can be challenging at times but it can also be very rewarding knowing that you have helped the whole team to deliver care to the highest standard. Being a strong individual, reliable, and being able to adapt to different situations whilst also being able to have control under circumstances of intense pressure is key when…show more content…
The overall grade that I achieved was a Triple distinction. During this time I began some voluntary work with Nottingham NHS TRUST. I worked alongside the nurses and staff on the fletcher ward, a haematology unit, caring for patients 18+ who were receiving treatment for leukaemia. During this time it gave me great insight into the world of healthcare and allowed me to see things from a different prospective in order to understand the patient’s feelings. As the time went on I grew closer to all of the patients and built up a strong connection with their families. This experience allowed me to express my feelings and also gave me the opportunity to provide outstanding care whether it is cleanliness of a patient or just helping them do simple task as of putting on socks. Although the treatments most were receiving would leave them vulnerable and weak. I tried my best to understand what they were going through and if I could help in any way to make them more comfortable by dimming the lights or propping up pillows then I would do so on request. In the time I was there I would always try and work closely with the nurses so I could learn more about the patients’ and what equipment they needed. Understanding the right levels of blood pressure and oxygen gave me knowledge to be able to raise concern in sudden

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