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Scars on their backs. Hope gone from their eyes. Chains attached to their feet. The years during Reconstruction was one where many things changed slaves were free,they were able to vote, and they received education which was once forbidden. Although, even when things began to change, the extent of the ripples varied. For the years 1860-1877 to a radical extent, constitutional developments, such as the ratification of the fourteenth amendment in 1868, amounted to a revolution however to a lesser extent, social developments, such as the opportunities of voting and land ownership, led to a slow unnoticeable progress. South Carolina’s decision for secession from the Union is a great example of the constitutional revolutions during those times.(Doc.A)…show more content…
Doc.E “The Freedmen of Edisto Island Petition to the Commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau” it shows that the bureau failed to distribute land to the freed slaves. The Homestead Act of 1862 was made so that the freed slaves could be able to get land but unfortunately that didn’t happen. “We want Homesteads;we were promised Homesteads by the government. If it does not carry out the promises-we are left In a more unpleasant condition than our former.” Since the promise was never kept the conditions worsen than when they were originally slaves. If nothing changed no you can’t prove that the social development had radical extents to the revolution. Doc I depicts an image where two white supremacist figures one being a White Leaguer and the other being a KKK member both uniting where it says “worse than slavery.” We also can see an African American family cowering in fear with a baby in their hand while two horrific scenes of death and destruction surround them. The image was created after the Enforcement Act of 1871 so it is safe to assume that the act had minimal effect and did not protect the freed slaves but left things as it was making it have a less impact on

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