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In the onset of the short story, “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant, one clearly sees the importance of social classification in the French time period in which this story takes place. In the mind of the main character, Madame Loisel, her classification by the amount of money her husband makes is the sole characteristic of her entire being. Maupassant points to the fact that he is “a writer deeply engaged with the problem of class conflict.” Madame Loisel is the character Maupassant uses to fully express his interest in the class conflict of the nineteenth-century French society. This story is not about “the rise and fall” of Madame Loisel, but is “a work of social commentary.” From beginning to end, “The Necklace” tries to reach out to…show more content…
She felt made for a better life. Madame Loisel wanted “to be envied, to be charming, to be sought after.” When Madame Loisel is “finally invited to a high-society affair given by her husband’s employer,” she realizes that she will not be able to attend with the clothes and jewelry she has because “she does not have the material requisites to keep up with them.” During this time, large gatherings and balls like this one are “an excuse for a woman to show her wealth, beauty, and elegance, she rightly decides that it is advisable to go there properly dressed or not to go at all.” Her husband graciously gives up the money he was going to use for a gun in order for Madame Loisel to buy a dress. The dress she buys represents her longing to be a part of the upper class. Even though it was not everything she needed in order to secure a place among the elite, it was a start. By buying this dress, Madame Loisel is trying to become a person that she is not; therefore becoming “a victim of the materialistic values of that French

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