Beckham Playing Soccer Internal Conflict

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Have you ever felt like your parents disapprove of the things you do? Well, heres an example of one. As an indie woman, Jess loves to play soccer almost every day she will go to the park to play. Jess even loves David Beckham, furthermore her mother disapproves of her playing soccer. Throughout the movie, Jess has to find a solution to change her mother's mind. While Jess has to handle her mother while her sister is getting married. Also, Jess has other problems towards while she plays the sport she dearly loves. . Jess’s side of the story begins when she is in her room talking to her Idol David Beckham, in this case, its herself. Anyways she starts to watch a video of Beckham playing soccer and places herself in the game. Her mother walks…show more content…
When Jess shows up to practice for the first time she is told to wear shorts, therefore she asks the coach “ Can I wear my sweats?” he says “ no”. Right at that moment she might need to go beyond her culture, to explain it further Jess has to cover up her legs. So Jess has an internal conflict at this point. There's a point where Jess is confronted by her mother when she finds out that Jess was playing soccer on a team. Also, the Mrs.Bhamra finds out that she kissed the coached. The both of them get into an argument about it one of the things her mother says is you “let a man touch you all over, and let everyone see you running around naked?”. Jess responds with “I have a good opportunity”. The last thing her mother said sounded very hurtful which was “ I will be ashamed of you running around naked, and it would bring dishonesty to our family. With the most of these examples of conflict, it represents what Jess has been through. the disagreements she had with her parents. Also, her parents wanted her to be more like her sister. Even though, Jess wants to be on a professional team. I think it shows how a different culture really isn't

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