The Namesake Character

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First generation in The Namesake becomes nervous and lonely because of its constant shifting identities. The couple has landed in America to get proper identity and brighter future, but in actuality they are unable to achieve their goals. They cannot fulfil their desires due to shift in their identities. Instead of focusing on achieving their goals of becoming successful, they are struck between past and future. 5.1.1Affected Behaviours Shifting of identities affects the behaviours of immigrants. Due to their constant shifting identities they behave strangely. They often lie to protect themselves from host country’s people. They know very well that they are not as powerful as them so they keep hiding their true identities in front of foreigners.…show more content…
They have always tried to keep Indian culture alive in front of their Children. This thing really affects their thinking and behaviours. For instance, they do unusual things, they arrange two parties for the same occasions. Strange behaviours are revealed when they arrange Gogol’s birthday for two times, one on the actual date and the other is on the any other day. One is for the American people and one is for the Bengali’s friends. They can invite both on the same function, but they do not do so because they are unable to manage this situation. They behave so decently in front of American children, they serve pizzas and special food items. While on the other side, they behave normally on Bengali celebration, where they can present food items according to their taste as well. Ashima prepares Indian food, which includes pine apple sauce, potatoes, dal and lamb curry (49). Arranging two different functions for same purposes shows the unrelaxed minds of immigrants. Initially they try to get them all together, but after knowing that American guests and Indian guests are different from each other in terms of taste, interest, activities and even in gossips, they come to know that they are unable to cope with the situation. On Bengali event Ashima is a bit relaxed because she knows, they are not going to create fuss on food items as Americans. “All this is less stressful to her than the task of feeding a handful of American children, half of whom always claim they are allergic to milk, all of whom refuse to eat the crusts of their bread” (49). But on the other event with American guest, they are never at peace. So they do not behave normally and pretend all the time. They do not like to serve junk food to the guests, but they do this just to impress American kids. “..A tame affair, with pizzas, that his father picked up on his way home from work…” (49).They present themselves in front of others in this way, they just

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