Comparing Claudius And Prince Hamlet

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Throughout the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, many characters share similarities in personality or circumstance with the play’s protagonist, Prince Hamlet. Some character traits of Hamlet can be compared to the likes of Claudius; his uncle and stepfather, Ophelia; his lover, or her brother Laertes. Although he is one of William Shakespeare's more infamous protagonists when regarded as an individual, Prince Hamlet shares many characteristics with these very characters he encounters throughout the text. Be it intelligence, madness, or impulsiveness, these similarities serve as a mirror through which we can better see Hamlet's true character. Claudius, the King of Denmark, came to power after secretly murdering the former king, Hamlet’s father and…show more content…
This is evident in the text through several of the soliloquies made by both Hamlet and Claudius. Prince Hamlet has the play performed in which a king is killed in the same manner that Claudius had used to kill his father. He does this in hopes of proving that the blood of his father is for certain on the hands of Claudius. Hamlet posits that if the play elicits any negative reaction, that it is proof of Claudius’ guilty conscience. From the moment the audience is introduced to Claudius, they are made aware of his manipulative ways. He did not murder his brother out of any sense of honour. Nor did he marry his brother’s widow – Queen Gertrude – because he was moved by the forces of love. Claudius displays his knowledge by convincing Laertes to call off the impending rebellion. By manipulating Laertes, Claudius is able to convince him to join forces in their shared interest in disposing of the Prince. This is shown when Claudius is quoted as saying; “If by direct or by collateral hand they find us touched, we will our kingdom give, our crown, our life, and all that we can ours, to you in satisfaction. But if not, be you content to lend your patience to

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