Yeast Bread Lab Report

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Effect of other ingredients on yeast properties • Small concentration of sugar speed up fermenting action. Yeast and concentration above 15% slow the fermentation. • Salt stabilizes / slow the fermentation. • Oil/fat slows down the fermentation action. • pH slows the fermenting action of yeast. • Ideal pH range 4.5- 4.8. • Ammonium chloride is used as a source of nitrogen SUGAR • Act as yeast food. • Contribute to the color of crust. • Sweetens the product and provides flavor and aromas. SALT • Provide taste & flavor to the bread. • Toughens the gluten. • Control the rate of fermentation. • Control the yeast action and acid forming bacteria. • In combination with sugar, improves the crust color and bloom. • Helps in retention of moisture in…show more content…
• Almonds for Almond Flakes Muffins • Masala Kaju for Sweet & Savoury Muffins • Chocolate Dark Chips and Rice flakes for Chocolate Rice Crunch • Prune for Prune Dies Tomato Bread Ingredients: Flour Yeast Sugar Salt Bread improver Gluten Calcium propionate Water Tomato paste Process: Mix all ingredients with flour Make a soft dough Place the dough in dough moulding

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