Gregor's Guilt In The Metamorphosis

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Humans have the need to fulfill their responsibilities and duties that are placed before them for the benefit of themselves or others. Guilt is formed from the unfulfilled responsibilities and standards that one hasn’t completed in order to fill satisfied. In “The Metamorphosis,” Gregor’s guilt is caused by the idea that he cannot fulfill the responsibilities that he had as a human to help support his family and their debt. Therefore, he tends to blame himself for the unintended burden that he puts on his family. He wishes to continue to do all that he can to help them, but his guilt only increases throughout the novel as they try to find ways to take care of them. His whole family has to work extra hard by getting jobs including his sister. Gregor’s guiltiness builds up throughout the novel, enough to make him have an increase of lack in desire to eat food, so that eventually, he decides that it is better for him to die rather than live with the guilt of being a…show more content…
“Believe me, sir, there’s something the matter with him. Otherwise how would Gregor have missed a train? That boy has nothing in his mind but the business. It’s almost begun to rile me that he never goes out nights. He’s been back in the city for eight days now, but every night he’s home. He sits there with us at the table, quietly reading the paper or studying timetables.” In this scene of the novel, Gregor’s family tries to explain that he is a responsible man that wouldn’t do anything else besides his business work that makes him feel even guiltier for his obligation of not being able to get up to take the train and get out of bed to work. The Samsa family is shown as a typical family here, because they are showing concern for their son who is showing signs of not feeling well. Also, they defended him in front of his boss for his actions and take responsibility for what has happened like a good, caring family

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