The Matrix Identity

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Describe at least ONE important idea the director/creator developed throughout the text. Explain how this idea helped you to understand an important message for teenagers, supporting your points with visual and/or oral language features. hi anpahm In the film, The Matrix directed by the Wachowski Brothers, an idea that is carried throughout the movie is the importance of knowing thyself. This is an important message for teenagers in society because knowing one’s identity will help reach their full potential in life by overcoming fears and having confidence. The directors use both visual and oral language features through motifs, special effects and dialogue to help the audience the message throughout the film. One of the ways in which the directors portrays the importance of knowing thyself is through dialogue. Morpheus arranges a meeting with the Oracle to guide Neo in his final stages of development and help him have a deeper understanding of being the ‘One’. He needs to fully understand that he is the saviour of the human race and the chosen one in order to know himself. During Neo’s visit to the Oracle, she points to a plaque that means ‘Know Thyself’ in Latin and explains how “being the One is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love,…show more content…
In this scene, Neo has to attempt a jump from a building to another. This is the first challenge for him but he fails to reach the other building and falls. The jump applies to real life situations and symbolises the leap of faith. Neo needs have experience in order to know what he is capable of; in this case, he falls but he now has the knowledge and learns from his mistake. This helps him know more about his abilities by exploring his capabilities because he will never know until he tries for himself. It shows how teenagers need to gain experience personally in order to know their
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