Nabu-Kudru-Usur: The King Of Babylon

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the most famous Mesopotamian king of all was Nabu-kudurru- usur II. If his name seems unfamiliar, its Hebrew equivalent is not: Nebuchadnezzar (or, as it is sometimes spelled in closer keeping with the Akkadian original, Nebuchad r ezzar). Even without the Bible, this king’s fame is well deserved: he was one of Babylon’s greatest kings and sat on the throne for 43 years, one of the longest reigns in Mesopotamian history. His father was Nabopolassar (Nabu-apla-usur) and his wife was a Median princess named Amytis. But Nebuchadnezzar didn’t just sit on the throne. He had extensive military experi- ence even before he became king, including his defeat of Egypt’s army at Carchemish. In for- eign affairs, his eyes looked to the west, for he coveted

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