The Man From Special Elixir Analysis

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The Man from Special Elixir How could a man become superhuman just by receiving a special elixir? The information and answers will be provided in the following narrative. The journey to becoming an American hero during World War II in 1942 Stephen Rogers, decides to join the army when both his father, and mother are killed during the war. His mother was a nurse, and his father was a soldier, his father was killed on the front lines. Whereas his mother was killed in the hospital where she worked it was destroyed by Hitler's army. This is the reason Stephen Rogers fought so hard to join the army. It was not easy for him to get into the army; he had been turned down several times, before getting into the army because he was scrawny and had asthma. “Work cited “Captain America reports for duty (Cover story.)”Entertainment Weekly" (11/27/2010) (The background information for this paper is…show more content…
That's when the radio goes completely silent they search, and search, with no luck and never find the plane. Intel 70 years later they find the cosmic cube and Stephen Rogers about 200 miles apart. Therefore they bring him back to the US where he is from and he wakes up in New York City in the year 2012. When he wakes up he's in a room that makes him believe that is still the 1940s. Intel he realizes the baseball game that is on the radio is one that he was at, after that he knew something was wrong. So he starts to try to get out of where he is that, that's when he has to fight his way through all the agents, and makes it outside. This is when he realizes he's in the middle of Manhattan New York, and this was a big shock. In conclusion Captain America was a great hero. Therefore if he had not been given the special elixir, and it had not changed his body, into Captain America he would have

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