Offensive Lineman Research Paper

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Football is a team sport. There are many players on a team, at least eleven. Each player needs the support and expertise of the others. It is not just one person, but the entire team is needed for success. No one expects perfection. When not performing to expectation, players can make adjustments to improve. Football is considered as a full body contact sport. This includes blocking, grabbing, and tackling. People who have not played a sport or followed one closely do not understand the emotions behind the game. The skills needed to play football are offensive skills, catching skills, running skills, and defensive skills. With all these skills combined together, you have a football team, football coaches, and football players. Football is like…show more content…
Run blocking is the idea to drive the defender away for an area so the runner can get through. Passing blocking happens when the offensive linemen are looking to protect the quarterback so he could throw the ball to a wide receiver. Both of these skills are needed for a player to be successful. They are also fundamental skills that a team needs to win the game. First, firing off the line is a science. The first part is the power step--the side step that occurs following the snap of the ball. The power step is the offensive lineman's free step; this step offers the offensive lineman an advantage because the lineman knows the snap count. The second step is the quick step. This step occurs following the power step and will happen as the defense reacts to the snap of the ball. The third part is the attack. The attack happens when the lineman's hand comes into contact with the chest of the…show more content…
The running back has to make sure they train in the weight room to build muscle, practice several times a week, develop running skills, ball handling skills, work on balance, train with the quarterback and the offensive line, and make sure to have fun. Since running backs are the primary rushers on the team, their main skill is running with the ball. Some runners are power runners and gain yards by breaking tackles and running over other players. Other runners are fast and quick. They gain yards by avoiding tacklers and outrunning them. While the running back is running the ball they have to make sure to protect the ball with all their heart because if they do not another player can strip the ball from the running back. Or worse, the runner might fumble the ball allowing a player on the other team to get the

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