Who Is Albert Bierstadt's Passing Storm Over The Sierra Nevadas?

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Albert Bierstadt's Passing Storm Over the Sierra Nevadas depicts the aftermath experienced in the Sierra Nevada landscape after a storm. Although the idea of a storm can cause anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, Bierstadt's work reflects a calm landscape that delivers a peaceful feeling. Not only is this work visually appealing, but it also served as a means of persuading pioneers to move to the West. By creating a realistic work of art, Bierstadt was able to reflect the landscape of the West in a positive way and as a result more people were willing to move West in the hopes of being able to experience the mesmerizing scenery depicted in the artwork. The artist’s incorporation of artistic elements such as linear perspective, asymmetrical balance, and use of contrasting colors further enhances the natural elements of the work and creates a realistic depiction of the Sierra Nevada landscape.…show more content…
Areas of the painting that are hit by the light of the sun are lighter than their surrounding areas, which further gives the piece a realistic look by adding shadows. A small amount of sunlight is allowed to escape the clouds and it further shows that the storm has ended and a brighter day is approaching. In the distance behind all of the trees, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are painted. There are large rocks and boulders on the right side of the painting that appear to be attached to a cliff. The sand on the ground appears to be wet as it looks clumped together and painted in a darker color. The water in the lake shimmers in the sunlight and displays the reflection of the trees and mountains in the

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