Double Mastectomy Analysis

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In Elizabeth Renzetti’s article “Are Gwyneth and other celebrities wrong about everything? Spoiler Alert….” she puts forth that living in such a technological era, we are constantly bombarded and exposed to celebrity influence so we need to always do our due diligence to verify information with sufficient and factual information before making any decisions based on celebrities bias opinions. In Renzetti’s article she uses credible sources to support and depict the impact that the celebrity culture has on our society. She goes on to highlight Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy and the positive impact it has had on women with the same problematic mutation, Jenny McCarthy’s pernicious and false accusations about the safety of childhood vaccines,…show more content…
Celebrity culture and social media is such a huge part of our universe that the culture is not going anywhere. Many celebrities use their platform to bring awareness to different issues. Celebrities include Michael J. Fox, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Gates, and many more celebrities. But one of the most powerful and talked about celebrity is Angelina Jolie Pitt. Mrs. Jolie has endured the process of a double mastectomy and has brought enormous impact and awareness to women. Jolie quotes “ It is not easy to make these decisions, But it is possible to take control and tackle head-on any health issue. You can seek advice, learn about the options and make choices that are right for you. Knowledge is power.” (Pitt par. 17). On occasion we idolize celebrities so much that we have this idea of them as these immaculate humans that can never be harmed in anyway. In the case of Magic Johnson that soon came to a halt in 1991 when the three time Most Valuable Player become the first high profile athlete to come forward as being HIV-positive. How Johson contracted the virus is still unknown, but time after time he emphasized the importance of practicing safe sex ( New York Daily News par. 3). “ Johnson, who plans to work in the league office, said he will begin a public awareness campaign to urge all, especially the young, to take precaution if they're sexually active.” ( New York Daily News par.

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