Compare And Contrast Fa Angelico And Fra Filippo Lippi

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Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi are not two names I would of thought of when thinking of Florence Renaissance art before I studied abroad here, but then again, I had never even heard of them. Which looking back is sad in many ways, but now that I have seen the works for myself and many other artists works, those two names are exactly what I think of when I hear Florence Renaissance. These two men changed the course of paintings for not only Florence, but for that entire generation leading to now. Both Angelico and Lippi changed painting in their time to start off the Renaissance, but both lead completely different lives which is shown in their art. The different lifestyles of Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi influenced their styles of painting in many ways including their backgrounds, where they spent their time, and who they spent their time around. To begin, I think it is best to contrast their lifestyles by first explaining their backgrounds, starting with Fra Angelico. Not much is…show more content…
The best example to contrast both is again their Annunciation’s, Angelico’s Mary has absolutely no figure and the torso is just odd, but as a friar you would never see a naked woman, let alone a man or even yourself, to know what was under the draperies. He would have painted the general figure based off someone else’s work because he would have been unable to have a model or a wife like another artist would which explains why it looks almost goofy and as if she is sliding off her seat. In Lippi’s Annunciation Mary has a figure, she is proportional and looks much more realistic, obviously, Lippi has more experience with the human body. Not only does Mary give this away, the angels show Lippi has a better education of human anatomy, which he would have learned by reading or by touching himself or others and feeling the bones and

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