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Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on August 16 1984 in Bay City. She was the third child of six children she was known as the sissy in her family. Her mother was a religious Zealot. When her youngest sister was born her mom was affected with breast cancer. By December 1 of 1963 her mom passed away. Madonna was 5years old in her song titled “mother and father”. She was a straight a student in high school she graduated earlier than her peers. When she graduated she had a full scholarship to university of Michigan for a dance program. When she was 18 years she wanted to go to New York to start off her singing career. The night she was done with her rehearsals a pair of men held her at knife point dragged her to the top of the building and raped her, her apartment got broken into three times already. It was the worst experience she has ever had. The following year in 1979 while she was a backup singer and dancer for the French disco she had met Patrick Hernandez. She romantically got involved with Dan Gilroy they started her first rock band it was called the breakfast club, while Madonna was in the band she played the guitar and the drums. In 1981 she left the band and left with her boyfriend and started to write songs together, Later Madonna decided she wanted to do her solo act. She rose to a pop stardom she got a manager that she hired Camille Barbone. Her first hit was “everybody” in 1982. 2.…show more content…
Achievements She has won multiple Guinness world records. Madonna spawned a huge number of Chart topping singles. She is the most successful dancer and music artist in history. She out did Michael Jackson, she has a success with a dancing prowess. While she was attending college she had convinced her father to take ballet she was produced by Christopher Flynn. In 2008 Madonna was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. Throughout her career she was nominated 73 times for the MTV music

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