The Lost Symbol Analysis

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The Lost Symbol, released on September15,2009 and written by a world famous author Dan Brown. Born in June 22 1964, the American author famous for his thriller fictions like ‘Digital Fortress’ ‘Deception Point’ ‘Angles and Demons’ ‘The Da Vinci Code’ ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘Inferno’ has sold over 300 million copies. Dan’s novels are treasure hunt set in a 24 hour period and features the recurring themes of Cryptography, Keys, Symbols, Codes and conspiracy theories. There was alot of anticipation surrounding this book, since 6 years had been passed since the publication of his bestseller. The lead character in most of his novels is Robert Langdon, who is a fictional Harvard University professor of religious Iconology and Symbology.…show more content…
For example, "His body had returned to him, although he wished it had not. His throat and lungs burned. This world felt hardand cruel." is an example of a concrete detail that supports this theme, because it is describing that despite the pain he was going through, he had survived. In many parts of the story, Langdon is fighting for his life, such as when Mal'akh drowns him, or when Katherine's reputation is at risk when Mal'akh tries to destroy Katherine's many years of research but Katherine discovers her back up copies. This is indeed a theme that we can use in real life and is a lesson we can all learn from.
The minor theme of The Lost Symbol is to open your mind more to the outside world. For example, "Your eyes have blinded you," the dean said. "If you saw with your fingertips as I do, you would realize this box has something left to teach you." is an example of a concrete detail that supports this theme. This is because right after he starts feeling it, the blank box is left with a light engraving, which is the second step to solving the last mystery. This theme is also demonstrated when Katherine shows everyone her shocking discoveries, including the power of thoughts and the mass of a human soul. This theme is repeatedly portrayed within the story and is a minor theme as it is not focused on as much as the theme to never lose
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