Gatorade Persuasive Essay

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These images can become a great source when attempting to construct an argument or persuade someone to use a certain product. The images are beneficial in that way because they can be simple or difficult and connect ideas that text alone could not. Though the concurrent ability of the images to be basic and normal also creates them to be the best for assigning ideas that are uncertain and plain. The Gatorade Company combined this strategy with text to get the attention of the audience. The phrase, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” is used in order to attract athletes. Gatorade is a very popular drink among athletes all around the world. The purpose for G2 is to give a person the ability and the energy to play any sport that they want to. Therefore, the audience that this ad would be best fit for would be athletes and sport related group of people. Gatorade has always been advertised with sports because it only provides the energy for an athlete to play. However, if an athlete is not engaging in any physical activity, those calories get converted and stored as fat, which is why the drink best fits an athlete. The advertisement shows the idea of drinking this drink in order to perform any physical activity despite the color of an athlete.…show more content…
There are very few colors, but the colors that is provided makes the ad stand out to catch an athlete’s eye because of the bright colors and dark background. The bright pink text “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” gives people the impression that they can actually jump high enough to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee by drinking Gatorade. The company know that majority of people want to be successful and be the best as they can possibly be, so they focus on that by mottos and visual proof of people are successful or appear to be successful. This brings integrity to the advertisement and makes it more interesting to a

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