What Makes Milton Hershey's Struggle For Success

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Everyone strives for success, but only a few people succeed. Milton Hershey is a man of success. He had a dream, and he achieved it. He invented the Hershey Chocolate Company and popularized chocolate candy throughout the world. Milton Hershey was born in September 1857 in Deny Township, Pennsylvania. He came from a poor family and he was the only surviving child. His father had trouble finding a stable job. Milton did not spend much time in school because their family was always on the move. By the time Milton was fourteen years old, he had only reached fourth grade. He was ready to have a job and start earning his own money, but he was not interested in farming. Milton soon started working with a candy maker. Milton enjoyed the work and…show more content…
His business started off well but later failed. Then Milton began to travel to different cities to try his hand in the candy business but every attempt failed. In 1886, Milton went home to Pennsylvania, discouraged and penniless. Discouraged, he was; hopeless, he was not. He decided to give it a shot again. While traveling, Milton had learned one important candy fact: To improve the flavor and texture of caramels, add milk. Milton knew there was a ready supply of milk back where he lived in Pennsylvania. So, with a bank loan, Milton started Lancaster Caramel Company. Everyone loved Milton’s scrumptious milk caramels. Soon he got a large order from an English candy importer; almost overnight, his business grew. Caramels were Milton’s first success, but everyone knows him for his chocolates. It was in 1894, that Milton started his Hershey Chocolate Company, making chocolate covered caramels, cocoa, sweet chocolate, and more. His business prevailed. Five years later, Milton Hershey married Catherine Sweeney. Milton sold his…show more content…
Sadly, the very next day residents were stunned to learn that following the celebration Hershey had suffered a crippling stroke. Months passed before Milton regained his health, and he never fully regained the vitality that had once energized not only himself but also his workers. However, for the next eight years, Milton and his company prevailed. Soon after War World II ended in September 1945, Milton Hershey celebrated his eighty-eighth birthday. Still active and interested in the running of his company, Hershey had a birthday dinner with thirteen of the men who had worked closely with him over the years. One month later he

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