Hero's Apparitions In Much Ado About Nothing

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However, deceptions may be well-intentioned like the benign deception that comes from the Friar. In Act IV, Claudio's horrifying accusations of Hero's chastity and unfaithfulness causes her to faint in apparent lifelessness. Claudio interprets every one of Hero's reactions such as her blush as a sign of guilt because he has been deceived to think in this way. The Friar, on the other hand, perceives the truth with an open mind; seeing the blush as a sign of innocence and virtue in Hero when he marks “I have marked/ A thousand blushing apparitions / To start in her face, a thousand of innocent shames (4.1.58-60).” The Friar's interpretations are indeed correct and the deception he weaves is the only hope for Hero and her tarnished reputation.…show more content…
When Claudio finds about the death of Hero, their rage will change to remorse. If the accusation is a conspiracy, then the deception will be revealed and Hero will be redeemed. If the accusations turn out to be true, Hero can become a nun. The Friar plans to deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero is dead in order to influence him into believing that his false words killed her. This act of intently deceiving others and lying to them in order to achieve a goal gives the deception a foul appearance to it (especially with a Friar conspiring, lying, and deceiving). Yet the deception has fair motives behind it – the Friar is convinced of Hero's innocence and sees this as the only possible solution that can achieve a happy ending. And a happy ending is indeed achieved; as Hero's innocence is proved, Leonato forgives Claudio, and justice prevails. Leonato's only “punishment” is that Claudio marry his niece without seeing her; that 'niece' is in fact Hero. Thus, the ruse of Hero's death prepares the way for redemption and reconciliation with Claudio. Truly, the deception that the Friar presents is pivotal in the happy ending of this romantic

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