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1. Understanding on Whistle Blowing Policy As per the first respondent, she mentioned that ‘Whistleblowing’ can be defined as the reporting of the alleged misconduct, illegal acts of the employee or employer or failure to act in a company. The main objective of the whistleblowing policy is to enable the employees with serious concerns about any issues at work in an organisation to voice out their grievances and concerns to the designated whistleblowing team for solution. Employees are generally the first person to realise that there are something wrong happening in the company. ‘Whistleblowing’ can be classified as a positive act that can make a difference and contribute to the company’s performance improvement. The respondent also shared…show more content…
The whistleblowing policy is important for employees in a company to integrate this into their routine work during any communications, the matters related to ethics, truthfulness and integrity. Other than that, whistle blowing is a compliance policy to have in this company and core of their corporate culture and environment. Group discussions or training facilitated by the internal managers is the most effective exposure measures to ensure management and employees at all levels is seen to view the issues with full attention and greatest seriousness. It is necessary to have all of the top management team endorse and support this program for it to operationalise in the organization. 3. Examples of Whistleblowing practices in the organisation The respondent also mentioned that there are quite a number of cases reported and resolved in the company. However, the cases cannot be disclosed out of the company by anyone due to the confidentiality. The respondent managed to share some of the types of whistleblowing cases that were handled in the company were as below : a) A criminal offence or wrongdoings b) A breach of legal obligations such as contract breach c) A danger to the health or safety of any individual within the…show more content…
Similarly, in order to implement the whistleblowing policy, this company also faced difficulties and challenges as mentioned by the respondent. The challenges are summarized as below: a) Challenge in building a culture of openness and trustworthy There must be a culture of openness and trustworthy in a company to ensure the whistleblowing policy to work well. The culture must be cascaded from top to bottom of the hierarchical organisation. Everyone in the organisation need to be aware of the presence of the policy and willing to adapt to the new changes happening around the company. The company that this respondent belongs encourage and willing to tolerate alternative viewpoints which makes the company to have an effective whistleblowing policy. This is a significant success for the company indeed. b) Methods and

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