President Kennedy's Involvement In Vietnam

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Strategic Hamlet Analysis In 1961 there was a scheme called Strategic Hamlet. Strategic hamlet was a plan thought up by the governments of South Vietnam and the United Stated to battle communist insurgency by the means of population transfer during the Vietnam War The plan was to isolate rural peasants from contact with and influence by the NFL (National Liberation Front). The Strategic Hamlet program played an important role in the shaping of events in South Vietnam during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The program attempted to separate rural peasants from communist insurgents by creating “fortified villages”. The program failed and led to a decrease in support for Diem’s regime and hatred to the US and South Vietnamese government The programme…show more content…
His ultimate aim was to “eliminate the communist threat” from Indochina. The US were completely against communism and they feared it so much that they felt that communism was a threat to US society. Kennedy also believed in the domino theory. He believed that if one state fell to communism then neighbouring states would also fall until it spread to the west. Kennedy was a believer in containing communism in one place to prevent it from spreading around the world. China had fallen to communism in 1949, and America had fought in Korea in 1950-53 to contain the spread of communism – hence Kennedy’s belief in the Domino theory. When Kennedy first became president, he made it clear that he would continue the policy of Eisenhower and he would support Diem in South Vietnam as he believed that would enable for Communism to be halted. He made this clear in his first speech. Another aim was that Kennedy did not want to be the first president to lose a war and losing Vietnam would make him the first president to lose. This is called the quagmire…show more content…
Kennedy was the 35th U.S. president, whose decision to send U.S. “military advisors” into Vietnam in 1962 marked the first official U.S. involvement in the country. Although Kennedy and his administration backed the corrupt Diem regime in South Vietnam, they ultimately decided to back a coup to overthrow Diem in November 1963. Just weeks later. His defeat in Cuba from Fidel Castro lowered his approval from the public so losing in Vietnam would make him look even worse, for this reason Kennedy wanted to win the war and prevent communism from spreading like In China and Korea. Originally Kennedy was against American involvement in Vietnam, he didn’t want war so avoided it as much as possible by sending in advisors to train a South Vietnamese army which would fight against

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