The Influence Of Being On The Tennis Team And Playing Tennis

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Standing on the court, bullets of sweat ran down my face as I waited for my opponent to serve the ball. The score was love-40 and I was ready for the match to end. My opponent serves another fault then another fault. “Yeah” I thought, sarcastically as I headed for the bench for a break. Tennis, soccer, baseball all of these sports I was in but never wanted to be. For as long as I could remember my parents forced me to participate in sports. When I was really young it was soccer, then baseball then as I became a teenager, tennis. I told them I wasn’t interested in playing sports but they usually told me things like “you don’t know what you want” or “how are you going to get scholarships?” Entering into high school, I took tennis class upon request of my parents. Every day we worked on drills and technique, and every day I dreaded it. For me it wasn’t the demand of the exercises or the tennis itself that I disliked, it was I didn’t have a choice. Being on the tennis team and playing tennis wasn’t my choice it was what my parents wanted.…show more content…
I always considered myself an intellectual and great thinker. I enjoyed debating, problem solving, expanding my knowledge and competing academically. For me sports were a way to get exercise and have a little fun. I aimed to go to college based on my academic achievements. That tennis season was good. I had a few wins and met a lot of different people. Tennis as great as it was, wasn’t for me. As freshman year creeped to an end, I received my paper of destiny or as some formally know it, the course selection

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