Muhammad Character Analysis

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Most of our actions and manners are results of what we used to see and what we’ve been taught to do in our childhood. We eventually turned into ordinary humans through embracing the basic attitudes of the people we’ve been raised with. However, once we have become mature enough to understand our purpose of existence, we looked up for an inspiration to follow aiming to become better people. For millions of people around the world including myself, this inspiration is the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a momentous figure in history and a perfect role model to follow in all times and places. He has touched my heart like no other character in the world. I have often closely read about his life, his words, actions and behavior. Yet, for many reasons,…show more content…
People of different religions and cultures trusted him. Although he lived in an age of darkness where people used to drink wine, bury their daughters alive and worship statues of stones referring to them as gods, he has grown as a rose that grew from the rock. He was given the title of the Trustworthy. A rational person would wonder how strong in character was Muhammad who lived for forty years before Islam never bowing down for an idol or drinking a cup of wine. Our lord has raised him away from all nonsense and useless attitudes of many people around him. As Muhammad used to travel a lot with his uncle for trade, he used to meet many people of different backgrounds. In one of his trips, a Christian Scholar realized that a cloud was following the caravan of the traders Muhammad was with and a tree was bowing toward them providing more shade. He told his uncle that Muhammad who was a young boy by that time would become a great figure in history one day. Today, in the world’s point of view, Muhammad isn’t just a great figure in history. Yet, he is the…show more content…
Not just as an individual but also in his relations with many of the people he has dealt with. He was the best father to his sons, the best husband to his wives, the best friend to his companions, the best ruler to his people, the best teacher to his students, the best protector of the weak and needy, the best guardian to the rich and the best worshiper of God. It’s true and can never be doubted that no one has ever equalled the greatness of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in history and nobody would be able

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