Analysis Of Judith Shapiro's 'From Strength'

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In the article “From Strength to Strength,” Judith Shapiro discusses the role that college has on the development of a college student’s journey to adulthood. She presents the argument that the universities spend too much time trying to protect their students and shield them from ‘harmful’ information that could offend someone instead of focusing on broadening the students understanding and preparing them for the world. Instead of focusing on the legal aspects of speech codes, which are defined by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education as, “…any university regulation or policy that prohibits expression that would be protected by the First Amendment in society at large”, Shapiro focuses her article on how the speech codes speculate that students cannot handle information that may offend them. Shapiro’s article is ineffective due to the…show more content…
The inconsistency makes it confusing for the reader. For example, she claims “The persistence of racism in our society and on our campuses is most certainly disturbing and unacceptable,” then continues to explain how students hanging up a confederate flag is nothing to be concerned with, even when the school has many minority students. It also does not make sense why she is upset at students taking a stand against the rebel flag to have it removed. She claims that the student’s stance against the flags put the whole campus in turmoil, but I don’t know what else she expected when the administration of a school with many minorities refused to take action against the offenders. She seems to only look at things from her perspective and never stops to put herself into the position of a student being targeted by unnecessary hatred that could have been prevented. This hurts the logical stance in her article because she is claiming to be completely against something, and then making an illogical statement that contradicts her first

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