America Flag Essay

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The flag is the cornerstone of our country, and has played many roles in our country's growth. The Flag has been changed 27 times to add stars. The colors also stand for something, white is purity and innocence, red is Strength and bravery, and blue is Vigilance and justice. It has been used to mark our progress throughout the years, For gaining independence from Britain, Being the first country to go to the moon and back and for overcoming wars and other hardships. The flag was first allowed to be the symbol of The United States of America on June 14, 1777 and was first flown on August 3, 1777. The flag had been sewn just over a year before it was adopted as the nation's symbol. There has been two flag acts, and three Executive orders regarding the flag the first flag act from 1794 said that the flag would have 15 stripes and 15 stars after May 1795. the next act wasn’t until 1818 And it stated that the flag would have 13 stripes each standing for each colony and 1 star per…show more content…
On Memorial Day the flag is to be at half-mast until noon, then it is raised again and is left until sunset. The president is allowed to have all flags lowered to half-mast, but only when someone of importance to The United States government dies, or a governor of a state dies. A governor of a states is allowed to have the state have all flags at half-mast when a previous governor dies. When a flag is worn out, it should not be throw away, but it should be destroyed in a dignified way, such as burning it, there are many ways that people do this, some boy scout groups will hold the flag to where the middle is the first to catch on fire, and then slowly move inwards to prevent the ashes never touch the ground and then they give the ashes to each kid, or the owner of the flag, but the most common way is to burn the flag in the same manner and then bury the flag in a respectful
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