The Importance Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The main goal of any nation is to become an independent ruling country. Nevertheless, attaining this goal is not easy as it is something that many citizens in the nation have to agree upon and the congress has to support this as well. When everything is accomplished, a document has to be drafted and published, declaring themselves as self- governing and no longer under colonization. This was the exact case for the USA Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is thus essential to explore the main points related to the content of this Declaration, its historical context and the impact of this document on American colonies, England and the entire world. Justification for Revolts The first part of the Declaration of Independence essentially outlined the role of the government. According to the declaration, men are created equal and are bestowed with particular unalienable rights. The rights…show more content…
It has great importance to the people of America since it led to their independence from King George III. The Declaration justified their right to rebel against a government that no longer safeguarded the natural rights. Furthermore, it helped the nation to obtain increased foreign aid from France in the fight against English colonization (Armitage 12). The Declaration of Independence highlighted certain principles that the American people thought were significant such as liberty and equality. Additionally, the Declaration plays a considerable role in the world today and in the contemporary history. It is as a result of the document’s words that women and minority groups are now handled in the same way as men and that all races are treated without prejudice. It is because of the Declaration’s words that some of the civil rights have been
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