The Struggle Between Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence

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Based on the ideas of mercantilism, the British Empire established the colonies in America in the hope of enriching Britain. The colonies provided raw materials for England and bought British manufactured goods. During the French and Indian War, the British Empire loosened its control on the colonies and allowed the colonies to have their first taste of self-governing. Later, through taxation, such as the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts, and new law codes, like the Intolerable Acts, conflicts gradually built between the British Empire and its American colonies. As the conflicts developed into actual wars, for example Battle of Lexington and Battle of Bunker Hill, the colonists began to fight for their independence. During the struggle for American…show more content…
Published in 1776, it had offered a whole new view on social equality for the colonists. The Declaration of Independence viewed equality as having equal inalienable rights among all men, no matter British or colonists. Jefferson further supported his view by providing examples of unfair treatments and loss of individual rights of the American colonists and informing the readers of King George’s tyrannical behavior toward the colonies. Soldiers were allowed to enter homes by their own will. The King constantly harassed the government of the colonies by dissolving Representative Houses and prohibiting re-election. By providing the new view on social equality, the Declaration of Independence influenced the thinking of people at that time and drew attention to the inequality between Americans and British. It helped to organize people’s ideas of equality and independence into a formal document. While trying to persuade the King of England, the Declaration of Independence was more successful at persuading the colonists. As Jefferson stated, “All men are created equal.” The Declaration of Independence evoked the patriotic thoughts and encouraged more colonists to struggle for independence. About two-thirds of the American population was in favor of its ideas. Rioters destroyed a statue of King George III in New York. Colonists, men and women, joined the fight for

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