Hong Xiaquan Case Study

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1. Hong Xiaquan (Hong Huoxiu) was born in 1814 in the Guangdong province, of Hua county. He came from a poor hard-working family. His family had many hopes for the future for Hong and they all wished him well even though, it was hard for his family to keep him as a student. He was from Hakka Minority and no one in his family ever had passed an examination. Hong was one of those Chinese who had a difficult time trying to become a scholar and be a local elite. It was a hard time for China. The country faced tyranny of cruel rulers, deluges. In addition, the population became sick. People were not fully satisfied with government and many of them supported apocalyptic movements at the edge of centuries (Spence, 1996). By the age of 22, Hong failed his examination several times. He, probably, felt \ embarrassed, because that meant, that his family hopes were ruined. For two years after that, he had been preparing himself for examination and he wanted to try it once more. During this time, Hong was surrounded by his dad, two brothers and their wives, one sister, and his own wife – Lai. As Hong's family had a low income, he used to…show more content…
Taiping Neavenly Kingdom can be translated as – “Heavenly Kingdom of great peace” (Spence, 1996: 38). Hong issued the system of kings, his helpers, to help his organize his Kingdom. He gave them titles such as “Heavenly King of West”. Hong arrived to Nanjing and they killed all Manchus – it was Hong's way of showing that all devils will be driven away from China (Spence, 2013:171). Hong ruled his base for 11 years (1853-1864). During this period he established bans on prostitution, opium smoking, dancing and alcohol. Moreover, he made “The common treasury”, where all money must be kept, and theoretically shared by all. Hong also decided that land must be shared by all. In addition, if family had surplus of any goods, they must gave it to the government. All these innovations were highly new for

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