The Importance Of Online Privacy

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Children learn the rules of acceptable social behavior from their surroundings. They take cues about the way to act and react in specific situations from their parents, friends and peers. Things are not different when they join online world. We, however, can help them be in the right surroundings. Kids get immersed in the world of digital long before their minds can distinguish between real and virtual. According to a study done by Opinium, more than half of children use online social networks before the age of 10. While by the age of 10 they are more proficient users of iPads that we are, they lack emotional maturity to cope with every kind of exposure. That is why it’s very important to introduce your child to the world of digital slowly…show more content…
For example That domain name can also serve you to build your personal website that will host all important information about you: information that you will, as opposed to when it comes social media, fully control and own. 5. Use different usernames and passwords. While children with smartphones are like fish in the water, their understanding of all the dangers lurking online is abstract at best. We are here to help them to protect themselves online. One way to do it is to start talking with them about the issue of online privacy as soon as possible. Try to use different usernames and passwords for every service or app you sign up for. Adjust your privacy settings, keep your password unique and turn on two-step identification whenever possible. That way, even if someone gains access to one of your online accounts, remaining ones will still be safe. 6. Don’t share personal or confidential information online. There is no reason why your children should share their home address, phone number, Social Security number, credit card numbers or passwords online, even if the social network they are part of has that
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