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1848 // The Seneca Falls Convention The Seneca Falls Convention was the first major feminist convention. The movement had taken shape after women were put into ‘separate spheres’ in the phenomenon called the Cult of Domesticity. Women, who played influential roles at home as the moral guides for their children, had begun to embrace transcendentalist themes of individual divinity and power, and joined other reform movements. This was seen as okay because it fit within the idea of Republican Motherhood seeing that it dealt with the moral reformation of America. This then grew into women’s own sphere and now called for more rights of their own. Important female intellectuals of this age including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, attended…show more content…
With it we see the first American female academies being founded in the 1790s. While the Cult of Domesticity did hinder advancement, it allowed education, a fundamental building block, to be open to women. With this we soon see embracing republican motherhood, taking up moral causes in reform movements such as Dorothy Dix. When we see key women mentioned to show up at this convention, we their rejection from an abolition convention, brought republican motherhood in a new light - What could it do for us? Previously the question had been asked to benefit men, but we see with development in values, that attention has finally been able to shift to feminist view of such an aged…show more content…
Jobs became less available for natives as immigrant did take up more jobs because of willingness for lower pay. Native born Americans began to develop an us vs. them mentality, producing hatred on many levels. They found it unfair as they weren’t given the right they “deserved” for being initial citizens. This entitlement made them feel they deserved better wages, jobs, and conditions. Although some Americans, factory owners and such, saw the flow of immigrants to be beneficial, the middle-class Americans, which was the fastest growing at the time, disliked them strongly. This brought the creation of the nativist party, or the know-nothing party. In Philadelphia, they founded means of excluding these immigrants from things like voting and working. The code of secrecy led to their motto, “I know nothing,” granting them the name of their

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