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An experiment done by Philip Janza, Christopher A. Peppingb, and W. Kim Halforda called ‘Individual differences in dispositional mindfulness and initial romantic attraction: speed dating experiment' was conducted with opposite sexes interacting it showed that although men liked women based on physical traits women liked men based on their mindfulness. So be conscious, be aware of yourself (as mentioned in the first chapter) and your surroundings, pay attention to the present moment. This will also cause others to perceive you as more intelligent. "Do women find bad boys more attractive?" this famous question has always been controversial. Fernando Gutiérrez at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona conducted a study on this and found that people…show more content…
These concepts are often related to the Sexual over perception bias in men' which says that a man will be more likely to perceive that a woman is attracted to him. Because that for him means less opportunity cost, that is, he just has to have sex to get offspring hence for him if he approaches a woman the cost of hitting on her a receiving a slap is less costly than a relationship (false positive error.) The opposite is true for a woman. She experiences under perception bias otherwise called the skeptical commitment bias. She will think the man is not interested in her even if he is because that will be less costly, that is, the cost of being impregnated is too high and she might just be left her whole life with the baby. So a relationship is a form of investment for the woman which is why she considers status, power, and fitness to be so important. Several critiques have been presented to this phenomenon though such as the Fred Flinstone Argument which says that two things predict attraction more than anything else which are: Proximity and Similarity. Proximity implies how physically close you are to someone, the more you are physically closer, the more attraction there is. Similarity implies how similar you are to someone regarding tastes or physically, the more similar you are, the more attraction between

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