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EVOLUTION OF THE SELF In the novel written by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie, a lot of things about life can be learned. Throughout the book, we can see the evolution of the relationship between the coach and the player, as well as their individual self-improvement. The author uses various literary techniques that brings to light the self-improving teacher and student. It shows how Morrie is teaching Mitch about life and giving him advice on how to become a better person so that he will have a fulfilling life. Although Mitch is growing to be a better person, Morrie is also improving by learning to accept his death and this is demonstrated by the author's use of various literary techniques. Irony, flashbacks and metaphors are only a sample of what was…show more content…
Not only at school but also when he spent his Tuesdays with Mitch Albom. He would teach Mitch about every aspect of life and give him amazing advice. However, Albom wasn't the only one learning. Morrie's experience with aging and soon death had thought him many new things about life. The author uses foreshadowing and dialogue to show the teacher's evolvement. When Mitch and Morrie were having a conversation on "the first Tuesday", the coach was telling Mitch that he knew soon he wouldn't be able to wipe his posterior and that bothered him. When Albom asked why, the teacher replied "Because it's the ultimate sign of dependency. Someone wiping your bottom. But I'm working on it. I'm trying to enjoy the process."(49). After a couple Tuesdays, Morrie was able to enjoy being dependant and not being embarrassed of someone else having to wipe him. In the novel, Morrie says :"I felt a little ashamed, because our culture tells us we should be ashamed if we can't wipe our own behind.[...] I am not going to be ashamed. What's the big deal?"(115). Morrie was able to grow as a person and accept his dependency and this was demonstrated by the author's use of dialogue and

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