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Andreas: I feel like Bitcoin has some pretty interesting philosophies about democracies that have baked into the consensus level, and so I am curious to hear your thoughts on…I guess democracy and then the intersection between bulk and democracy and then democracy on a blockchain. Yeah… I mean the democracy is a loaded word and democracy is a loaded word because for most people we project onto democracy what we think, we want or believe democracy to be. I am Greek - we invented it! When we invented it under some very specific circumstances… three thousand land owning, slave-owning white males got to decide for themselves, and one hundred and fifty thousand slaves women and children, who they owned as property… that is the democracy.…show more content…
Strictly speaking, that is what democracy is. Now, most people have constitutional republic and democracies, parliamentary democracies and other means of sweetening that system a bit to ensure the minorities do not get oppressed. How well does it work? I do not know… Bitcoin is not a democracy…not even in the mining. Bitcoin is a system of supermajority consensus. When it takes a very large percentage of the deciding groups, the five constituencies of consensus in order to make a change, which makes change very…show more content…
It does not scale anymore, it does not serve a planet of seven and a half billion people, where we have enough food to feed everyone, and we just cannot distribute it where we have the ability to produce energy for everyone, and we just cannot distribute it, when we can solve problems like climate change. So, hydrological systems are failing. Flat, network-based, collaborative, decentralized ad hoc receives on the internet. Maybe the new thing... who knows, it will be fun to find

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