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Youssef Naciri RS326 Final Paper Topic: Black Liberation Theology Black Theology and Black Power by James Cone Nobody can deny that black liberation theology came thru a long way. Before , black and African American people encountered a lot of racism and oppression. Black liberation theology can also be defined as the struggle blacks faced to end the oppression. This word became very popular with James Cone , who wrote many books about this theology. It also gave me many information about his point especially with what we covered in class “God of the oppressed” and with what I read and understood from another text “Black theology and black power”. From what I learned about the major point of James Cone: Jesus is black, not only he is black…show more content…
" Black theology " is a particularly appropriate title for contemporary America because of its symbolic power to account both of what whites mean by oppression and what blacks mean by the release. However, I am convinced that the meanings centered around the idea of black theology is by no means restricted to the American scene as a whole , since the condition black symbolizes oppression and liberation in any…show more content…
This is because God in Christ has revealed himself as a God whose justice is inseparable from the low human society without help. The goal of black theology is to interpret the action of God as it is related to the black community oppressed. • Christian theology because it is centered on Jesus Christ. It can not be a Christian theology that has Jesus Christ as a starting point. Although the Black Theology says the black condition as the first criterion of reality with which we must rely, it does not mean it rejects the absolute revelation of God in Jesus Christ. Moreover, she says. Although this white theology tends to make the event an abstract idea of Christ, intellectual, black theology believes that the black community itself is present precisely where Christ is at work. The Christ event in the twentieth century in America is a black event, that is to say, a release event taking place in the black community where blacks recognize their responsibility to reject the chains of white oppression by whatever means, that seems appropriate. This is what it means to God's revelation for black and white americans, and that's why Black Theology may be the only theology in our

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