The Importance Of Individuality

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When browsing blog on the internet, I stumbled upon this image. This image shows a group of human figures going down a stairway, among the figures colored in gray, a red figure is shown to be going the opposite direction. My understanding of this image is that a person is being different than everyone else, not only standing out in terms of appearance, but also in the thing they do. I have noticed that images of this type are rather popular on the internet, encouraging people to be true to themselves, and not surrender to the norms. This highlights the significance of individuality in our society as it is important for individual development and also a means to achieve individual happiness. This is considered by many to be the key for a society…show more content…
In the face of laws and especially the social pressure to conform, individual's’ ability to make meaningful choices are hampered, thus prevent their individual development. In this chapter, Mill identified a basic problem that exists in the increasingly democratic society, followed by a rising working class. With the larger proportion of the population on the rise, Mill noticed an increase in social conformity. He pointed out that individual spontaneity is not recognized by the common ways of thinking as having any type of intrinsic value. Originality is valuable because there is always need for people discover new truths and point out what is no longer true, but also promote new lifestyles and set examples of more enlightened conduct and better taste and sense in life. Mill also believed that if you are simply doing what other people are doing because they are ín the majority, the human capacity will then wither and be starved. On this point, I fully agree with Mill because I believe that for people to realize their fullest potential they should be independent of the influence of others and people who do things solely because others do it make no
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