The Importance Of Ignorance

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The ignorance I've witnessed over the past few month in regards to muslims and islam has shocked me. My rule is, I will respect your opinions if they are based on facts not fear or ignorance. Sharia law is not coming to Canada, America, England or Europe, EVER. from personal experience, the muslims I've met have been nothing but kind and welcoming. The world seems to have caught a sudden case of amnesia in regards to Islam and its contributions to the world. Like how the worlds first university Al-Qarawiyyin, which was started by two women in Fez, Morocco, in 859 AD. When Europe was in the dark ages, Christians and Jews, both men and women, were being taught maths , science and philosophy by muslim scholars. It was the muslims who transcribed the ancient greek philosophers and spread their teachings through out Europe in the dark ages and are credited as the force behind the renaissance. Its pretty sad that most people in are ignorant to the fact that much of what…show more content…
Ok this is where you need to use some brain power and pick up a history book. The current situation in the middle east boils down to this. For decades, western governments have armed and financially supported, brutal dictatorships and despots or either directly or indirectly, toppled democratically elected governments. All for the sake of oil. To put it simply, we gave the money and guns to the wrong people(the killers, dictators,extremists) and as a result, we now have heavily armed and well financed extremists tearing shit up. How the hell are the "moderate" and "peaceful" muslims supposed to stand up and fight when we, the west, gave the "fanatics" all the guns and money. We go around bombing and invading countries and installing puppet governments and leaders, who are generally just as bad or even worse than the people we overthrow. And cross our fingers and hope things will workout for the best. Oblivous to the fact the we creating more and more
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