The Importance Of Film In A Film

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First, I feel that any film is a standalone thing, as soon as the artist completes it and present to its audience . I see the final product as separate from the achievement in creating this product (which is why I have no problem with best director’s not winning best picture or vice versa). I feel that when you're judging with context in mind, all you can really judge is the achievement of the person how will he or she was able to bring his film to justice , how well was he able to showcase the past, the pain , the anger, the happiness , the feeling of the story to the target audience. To showcase all this in a film or a documentary a well researched filmmaking is very much necessary (which is by no means unimportant in its own right, of course).…show more content…
History is not nearly as black and white as I sometimes feel a lot of people assume withoy paying attention to the past and researching in the past so to have a right idea of the present scenario . There's a lot even about the context that we only sort of know, in most cases. And while it's certainly worthwhile to look for innovations of the past the provements, the advancements and make them implication in the present days , we can only understand these innovations in a sort of academic sense. I think that we can't feel the full force of the innovation like somebody from the real time might have felt it. If we pretend we do, we're fooling ourselves , because these innovation are very common to us thus we tend to

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