Citizen Kane: The Importance Of Deep Focus In A Film

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Citizen Kane was not only a great movie for its time but also made many cinematic advances towards one of the most used techniques to show emotion and importance of a scene today, “Deep focus”. Deep focus means that everything in the frame, the back round, the foreground all of the scenes important characters and props are all in focus instead of just a single aspect or object. Deep focus requires the perfect combination of lighting, technique and a special lens that is needed for the effect. Deep focus brings an entirely new set of challenges to deal with. For example Mise-en-scene or the physical environment in which a film takes place , becomes even more important because of how many elements there will be focus on. It all needs to be perfect or the effect can actually be confusing. Deep focus allows the viewers to see into the world of Kane on a more personal level, bringing to light little details that add to his charecters story. Deep focus had been used in films before but never the amount that it was used in the film. Citizen Kane introduced other techniques as well that are still widely used today.…show more content…
“Wipe” is one one image or scene is fading out while the other is fading in on the same screen making the two scenes almost overlap. This was widely used in the film as well. The director of the film took a chance of hireing actors that were all classically trained and have never been in a film like “Citizen Kane” before. This made for an interesting mix of new tehniques and old school acting. The miox of new techniques was in part why the movie is so famous today, it was not any one technique that made the movie stand out but the combination of all the techniques used. The film not only had innovative camera techniques and lighting but had extremly creative storytelling for its

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