Film: Daybreak Express

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‘Daybreak Express’ produced a lot of movement and very warm colors. The opening scene of the sunrise and the silhouette of a large city suggest a ‘new day’ or a fresh start sort of feel. The silhouettes of the people in the train station gives off a sudden feeling of rush also supplied with the crazy jazzy music in the background. The filmmaker creates a sense of travel by using the silhouette of the train in many of his shots. Not only is the train the main focus, but the cityscape and the components of the buildings were shown a lot throughout the film. During the middle of the film, we see a shot looking up into the sky and the tall buildings. This, and so do the other shots of movement makes it feel like the viewers are on the train itself.…show more content…
From then on, we go on a very clustered and hectic journey throughout the city. Without showing the most basic shots of moving in a train, this film uses very abstract forms of shooting to keep interest within the viewers. Upon doing research, this film was actually based on a 1933 score, called ‘Daybreak Express’ which was 1about a train leaving the train station, gaining velocity and then coming to a stop. The filmmaker very effectively creates the image of the train starting up, the train at its maximum velocity and the train coming to a stop. The candid shots of the passengers in the train help us as the viewer visualize and feel like we are actually riding the train ourselves. ‘Daybreak Express’ effectively shows an average morning not through the story of a person, but through the story of a train’s departure and

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