The Importance Of Employment Agreement

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Every worker who works in a factory must receive a written contact of employment. This written contract of employment can be consist of the full names of employer and the employees, the place of work, the address of employer, the job scope, and date of commencement of the employee’s contract of employment, term and condition relating working hours including overtime, wages, benefit, termination procedure and required information. It is important to note that every worker has a contract of employment, even where one is not given in writing. Accordingly, it is very important for an employer to clearly outline terms and condition in writing to avoid any confusion later on. For example, it is important when worker want to refer if theirs…show more content…
Employment agreement is important for fostering a positive relationship between the employer and the employee. Employers usually feels that an employment agreement creates an enhanced degree of organization and structure in the work relationship. For employees, an employment agreement can provide a sense of stability and security, especially if the agreement lists the time frame for the period of employment. According to ‘A decent Factory’ documentary film, the issue arise when the factory workers interviewed by the Ethics and Environmental Specialist. The workers complain that they are not signed to contract and under-paid a little compared to what’s required by Chinese law. This is totally against the law. In this case, the factory owners simply eat the workers money which is not an ethical behaviour. In this case, the factory workers may find it difficult to manage their expenses with low wages. Paying low wages can also affect their living standard. Moreover, the factory owner acting dishonesty towards the other party and it is clearly can see that the factory is ignoring local laws. Some workers even getting paid about £14 pounds a month which is equivalent to RM79.38 a month in 2004. In fact, since China is a developing country, this workers should have threaten the same way as workers enjoyed in other developed…show more content…
Furthermore, this will cause unemployment because the Nokia factory will demand less labour. Since the factory against the Chinese law, this may increase the number of people who working in the black market. The issue in the factory have been resolved by factory officials are caught on lying about the wages they pay even confess to violations of labour law, but eventually the factory have been forgiven by the government in exchange for payment. The factory for all its dishonest practices, is scarcely an example of terrible abuse. The workers in the factory themselves don’t want to describe about the any horror stories after much urging in the private interviews with the auditors who is Ethics and Environmental Specialist. Honest working hours and a better wage today lays the groundwork for even more improvement tomorrow, or at least that’s how the logic

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