The Importance Of Diversity In The United States

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In regards to celebrating diversity, the United States practices such embrace through languages, food, and the cultures of individuals. In the United States today, many government documents in addition to internet websites and many signs at recreational areas are translated to different languages based on population. Additionally, in schools and private organizations offer classes toward those wishing to pursue a foreign language. On another note, in the United States, with the possible exception of fast food, there shows a lack of what a clear “American Cuisine” truly consist of. In reality, the majority of the American diet has root in another culture. With many ethnic restaurants, the authentic food of other cultures has a clear celebration. Above all, Americans embrace the people originating from other cultures. With various culture fairs, festivals, and community groups, Americans continue, and have always given, the embrace and of other cultures.…show more content…
The United States uses a federal system of government where although local governments have their own power, the large majority of the power comes from the central government under Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court, where all states and people must follow the federal law. On the other hand, English remains the de facto official language of the United States, even though it exists the only language closest to becoming the standard. Yet, all naturalized citizens have to speak English, schools teach in English, and the government runs in English. So, for all the time English remains in power, it becomes the only unifying language of the nation. Moving on, institutions, school and church for example, bring together different people of different backgrounds, but with similar interests to

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