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In the book Beowulf, there are three different distinct scenes where Beowulf, the Hero of the story, shows his supernatural strength and power. Towards the beginning, he fight's of a monster who attacks Heorot, then later on he is destined to kill his revengeful mother. Lastly, he chooses to fight a dragon. Some of these battles are for the good of his home and the protection of Heorot, while others have different purposes. As the book goes on, Beowulf becomes weaker, and these other purposes of fighting will ultimately determine the end of his life. The first battle is the one that gives Beowulf so much recognition in the land of the Geats. He had discovered that there has been monstrous attacks on there gathering place, Heorot. Knowing this…show more content…
She becomes very angry, and wants to seek revenge on the Geats. So one day, she climbs out of the lake that everybody fears, and comes to Heorot, beginning to attack it just as her son once did. Without Beowulf in their presence, they knew they needed to act immediately, so a large number of warriors arrived and started fighting her off. She was not able to resist their attacks, so she was forced to retreat, however, not before grabbing King Hrothgar's trusted secretary Aeschere, and fleeing. Beowulf once again heard of the attack, and returned to the Geats. The now depressed king promised Beowulf chests of gold if he would go fight off the demon once and for all, thus his motive being partial defense for the Geats and the reward to come. He accepts the quest, and heads to the lake where Grendel's mother lives. He dives down to the bottom where he appears significantly weaker than his first battle; he is unable to slay the monster at first, and he is pinned down before he is able to discover the sword that would kill it. He does eventually slay the monster, and resurfaces with her head and the hilt of the sward he used. Once again, the Gaits are happy that they no longer will have to deal with the demons, and they go to celebrate the

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